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Our Car Classification System supports a second to none competition format:

  • Overall Championship Series
  • Individual Class Championships Series
  • Individual Event Winners for the above, as well, as fastest Domestic, Import and Novice Time of the Day

It provides for a level playing field within each class, as well as overall scoring for all competitors, across the classes.  As fairness and equality are key to any competition, this system is vital in ensuring that any car can be competitive.

Our system favours good driving first and foremost - as all the like cars are grouped closely together.  Here is how the classification works - in a nutshell.

  • Each car starts with its performance index (PI) number, with each class being separated by a value of 5 points.  eg. GT2 PI is 70 to 74.9 and GT1 PI is 75 to 79.9.
  • The PI is based on stock values for the car's weight, power and Handling Index (HI) values.
  • Performance Index Points (PIPs) are added for any modifications, depending on their potential improvement to lap times.  More modifications lead to a higher PI and possibly a higher class.
  • The base PI assumes the car is equipped with Premium Racing Compound (r-comp) tires.  Running on street tires or non-premium r-comps allows a competitor to reduce their overall PI.  This allows street cars to be competitive without the use of racing tires, since lower PI leads to lower classes.
  • In addition, some safety items can also reduce your PI.  eg. a full roll cage is worth -2 PIPs, while a roll bar is worth -1 PIP, etc.
  • You should also be aware, that some mods are "free" and don't "cost" you any PIPs.
  • A complete list of Free and "PIPed" modifications are included in our Rulebook under Section 4.8. 
  • To easily see how your car classifies:
    • Go to:
    • Open a User Account
    • Pick your car from a Base List and then follow the simple online steps to classify it. 
    • If you cannot find your car on the Base Car List, please register on the forums and let us know.
  • You can even create multiple cars, to test some of the mods regarding the overall PI score and hypothetical class.
  • If you have any questions or require any assistance, don't hestitate to go to our Forum.  The Ontario Time Attack community is always there to assist you in making the correct choices or to answer any of your questions.