How To Affiliate

Date: 07-02-2011 / Author: webmaster /

CASC-OR maintains a standardized affiliation procedure to ensure that affiliated clubs are based on principles consistent with the sport’s best interest. Clubs must be registered as Ontario non-profit corporations, maintaining a schedule of regular meetings held under observance of common procedural practice. Clubs that have existed for under a year can be affiliated on a probationary basis lasting the balance of twelve months from the club’s foundation. Voting privileges are held from a club until the end of its probationary period.

Applications require a separate, signed club resolution as outlined in the application form, as well as a full club membership list, and a copy of the club’s bylaws, constitution and/or letters patent. Minutes of at least 4 club meetings are also required, as well as CASC-OR’s affiliation fee, set annually by the board of directors.