Date: 06-02-2011 / Author: webmaster
Canadian Volvo Club

The Canadian Volvo Club is a non-profit automobile club which encourages enthusiasm for Volvos. The CVC is dedicated to the promotion of safe, fun events and activities for all its members and the community.

The CVC evolved in the late 1970's when two London, Ontario area residents, Rick Guy and Fred Sleight, began receiving newsletters produced by another Volvo enthusiast for Volvo owners. In 1980 Rick and Fred decided to hold a Volvo meet; which attracted a dozen or so Volvos.

The meet was such a success that it became an annual event. Today, the annual "Family Day" attracts hundreds of people and over 150 Volvos from the 1960's to new models. The club now has over 150 members, all of which receive a quarterly newsletter. Members can be found in every Province of Canada, The United States and in other countries around in the world.

Effective November 2005, the Canadian Volvo Club finalized the process of becoming incorporated. The club (which will continue with the name of Canadian Volvo Club) will now be governed under the mandate of Canadian Swedish Iron Inc., a registered not-for-profit organization. Under the incorporation, the membership elected 6 Directors to manage the affairs of the club.