CASC-OR Autoslalom Division

Date: 16-02-2013 / Author: autoslalom director / Tag: Autoslalom /

What Is Autoslalom?

Autoslalom is a low-cost "grassroots" motorsport discipline that allows almost anyone to enjoy the thrill of automotive competition in a safe, controlled, and legal environment.

An Autoslalom event consists of competitors driving through a 'race course' laid out using pylons on a large parking lot or other paved surface. Because the vehicles race independently of each other, at no time can there be contact with another competitor, thus reducing the risks considerably, and allowing the drivers to concentrate on threshhold braking and precision cornering. Each run is electronically timed, and the fastest driver in each class is the winner.

Almost any driver can participate in almost any car, no matter how old, the make, the model, or the modifications that have been done to the vehicle.  As long as the car meets certain safety standards, Autoslalom has a class for your car.

Events usually start in the morning with registration and course walk through, then the event. If time permitting at the end of the day, 'fun runs' may be available to practice and hone your skills without the competition.