Results posted for Autoslalom events 1 and 2

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The first two events of the 2015 Mobil1 Championship Series presented by Toyo Tires took place this past weekend (June 12th and 13th) at the airfield in Picton, Ontario.

Saturday featured the use of all three runways travelling counter clockwise, and was a challenging and rewarding course. Many comments were heard that this was the best and most challenging course in the province within recent memory for both novices and veterans alike - you couldn't just look ahead to see the course, you actually needed to remember it. Maybe not so unusually, more people went off course Saturday (143) then hit cones (128). It certainly didn't disappoint the 109 competitors who made the trip and took in 6 runs each over the day.

Congratulations to Mike A who was at the top of both the PAX and FTD list on Saturday. Daniel F and Peter W were the runners up on the index, while Ralf K and Naresh D rounded out the top three in raw time.

On Sunday a booking conflict at the venue resulted in a later then normal access to the runway - 11:30. In a little over three and a half hours 72 competitors took in more of a traditional Picton style course that was open and flowing if you connected the elements correctly. Unfortunately the final run group had to deal with some rain in their second heat, which slowed down the course for their final three runs, which gave their first two runs even greater importance. As a group both the marshals and timers had a more relaxing day, with drivers hitting only 131 cones over 100 runs (vs. 200 on 128 runs Saturday), with only 41 DNF's.

Congratulations again to Mike A, who managed to top the FTD list with only 2 runs. Barry G and Daniel F were runners up on raw time. Barry G bested the PAX index list, Peter W and Steven D rounded out the top three.

See the full set of results here.

Join us July 19th for the third event of the series at the Barrie Molson Centre. Register in advance and reserve your car number via: casc.motorsportreg.com

Lead photo courtsey of Matt M at www.v35glycerin.com